PVC i Alu stolarija
Idealna riješenja za vas
Dugogodišnjim poslovanjem izgradili smo odnos povjerenja s našim kupcima, zasnovan na unapređenju kvalitete života ljudi, zaštite okoliša i uvođenja novih trendova na tržišta.

About Us

Companies Savić biz and Savić express are two related companies, that were founded in Laktaši in 2007, and whose main activities are production and sales of PVC and ALU joinery.

In the beginning, we had 10 employees, but over time we have progressed.

Thanks to modern technologies and machines, on which we are ahead of everyone in our region, and currently with 30 to 45 employees, we can say that the goal of our business is being achieved every day.

We own three machining centers:

The cutting center, where all cutting and drilling profiles are done, that effectively speeds up the manufacturing process and gives precision to the quality of the products.

In the welding center, we achieve high precision and quality window production with a robot that drags and cleans the joints on the product. It has 4 heads and a built-in robot that drags the products to the weld cleaning operation, which makes the products look as clean and precise as possible.

The third processing center is a center for glass cutting, washing, vacuuming, and gluing, and the result is a high degree of glass purity.

Our company uses the profiles of the world’s largest manufacturer in this field, Rehau, which has three systems: The Ed71, Sinego, and Geneo which are made of carbon fiber.

European profile Decco has two systems, Decco 71 mm and Decco 83 mm.

We are in cooperation with our most famous construction companies, such as Malbašić, Hidrokop, Energetik… We are pleased to be part of large projects, which we implement the best we can.

Also, our business is focused on the European market. We export to Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany. Thanks to our quality, we hope that we will continue to be successful in the market.