PVC i Alu stolarija
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Dugogodišnjim poslovanjem izgradili smo odnos povjerenja s našim kupcima, zasnovan na unapređenju kvalitete života ljudi, zaštite okoliša i uvođenja novih trendova na tržišta.



There is more than enough material used for windows and doors.


But why is aluminum a good choice?


First of all, aluminum is a metal with excellent mechanical properties, which is being used revolutionary in many technological sectors.


Although it’s much lighter than other metals, it has a very high level of hardness, which is why it is widely used in aeronautics, a very demanding area.


Also, it is highly resistant to many forms of corrosion and the maintenance costs are almost zero.

In addition, aluminum is the third most abundant element in the earth’s crust.


It is a green material that can be recycled forever, preserving all its characteristics without degrading quality.


The energy required for recycling is only 5% of the total energy for initial production, making it one of the greenest materials in construction.


Special advantages of aluminum windows and doors are:

Mechanical Features


Aluminum frames are solutions that will provide you with very robust doors and windows, along with increased security and utilization time. In case of large temperature fluctuations, there are no distortions, which is very important especially in regions with a lot of high temperature sunny days during the summer. Because of that, therefore, it offers very precise dimensions that remain unchanged and are not prone to expansion and contraction. Therefore, maximum resistance to water and air is achieved, which leads to a perfect sealing of the window frame and sash. Also, robust aluminum frames allow the creation of large gaps between the supporting profiles for maximum penetration of natural light, without danger of twisting or bending the frames, which is often the case with other weaker materials. Even with very thin profiles, double aluminum doors can carry more than 1000 kilograms! In the end, in case of a fire, aluminum windows and doors do not encourage spread, they even limit it. In the end, in case of a fire, aluminum windows and doors do not encourage spread, they even limit it. Unlike other materials, aluminum absorbs and removes much of the heat generated by fire. When aluminum is melting at 660 degrees Celsius, it slows down the speed of fire without creating flammable and toxic gases.



Aluminum windows and doors provide a very high level of security thanks to their durability and strength, preventing possible intruders. Because it is very robust, they can fit with a large number of mechanisms and accessories, which further improves your safety. ALUMIL windows and doors are certified for burglary protection in accordance with international standards ‘RC – Resistance Classification’.



The space in which we live is an integral part of us because on average, we spend more than 50% of our time in our homes. If you think in that direction, windows represent the basic part of  overall functionality and aesthetic value, shaping the interior and exterior. Aluminum doors and windows offer countless design choices, in both terms of typology and dimensions (eg minimal design with very thin profiles, angular typology, multiple door constructions), as well as in terms of surface treatment, with a wide range of colors and textures available to satisfy all desires and needs. No other material can offer so much flexibility in design without limitations. In the end, aluminum systems are not limited only to windows and doors, but allow the creation of a large number of architectural structures. This means, if you visit an aluminum manufacturer, you can get a complete offer with integrated solutions that can be upgraded on your home in case there is a suitable need.



It’s often said that the main disadvantage of aluminum frames is when we talk about thermal and sound insulation, which is a complete myth! The improvement in technology and continuous research has led to the creation of aluminum frames with very high thermal insulation. Aluminum frames are enhanced with special insulating polyamides that can provide a high level of thermal insulation suitable for passive buildings with zero or almost zero energy consumption. In combination with highly insulated panels, heat-insulated aluminum windows protect your home from unwanted temperatures from the outside environment in both winter and summer weather conditions. In addition, thanks to advanced seals, they even provide resistance to cold northern winds and are effectively solved without any danger of coldness passing inside. In the end, the high reflection of aluminum (albedo) reflects solar radiation and reduces the heat absorbed in the frames during the period of intense sun exposure, contributing to maintaining the temperature of the interior during the summer. This is also the reason why most aluminum lamellas are mainly used for shading facades.



Sound insulation is also one of the basic characteristics that should be taken into consideration when choosing windows and doors, especially for buildings located in urban areas with high noise levels. There are checks and certifications for that purpose, in terms of sound insulation levels for windows and doors. The high-quality elastic materials used by ALUMIL in the interior and on the perimeters of our systems, as well as the hermetic sealing of all windows and doors when locked without a gap for the passage of sound, provide a very high level of sound insulation. Similarly to thermal insulation, the most important factor in increasing sound insulation are glass panels that will be mounted on windows and doors. For example, triple glazed windows offer an incomparably better level of sound insulation compared to single glazed windows.